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Popular actress Olesya Zhurakovska has visited Veselka TV

Popular actress Olesya Zhurakovska has visited Veselka TV

The last weekend of this spring has become really starry for kids from “Veselka TV”! It’s because our kids had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the famous Ukrainian theater and cinema actress, the permanent presenter of rating reality show “Zvazhenі ta schaslyvі” on the STB TV channel Olesya Zhurakovska.

zhurakovska_01 zhurakovska_02

During a creative meeting with the star young TV reporters found out that Olesya could attract the attention of viewers and filmmakers thanks to remake of “Chasing Two Hares” in which she starred with Alla Pugachova, Maxym Galkin,  Andrey Danylko and many other celebrities of  show  business. But the comedy TV series “Svaty” brought her a real popularity, in which she appeared in the fourth season and for several years acted as a consultant of cosmetics company “Keri Mey” Kseniya Pavlovna.

Very soon watch the TV version of the chat show “Mlad & STAR” with a bright, spectacular and inimitable Olesya Zhurakovska on official resources of Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV”.

The staff of Veselka TV thanks Olesya Zhurakovska for participating in the filming of the program!


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