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Dear friend! Welcome to the official website of
Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV”!

Veselka TV is a modern TV studio for children from 4 to 15, which has more than 4 million views on YouTube, and produces its own programs. There are studios of anchormen, animation, radio announcers and creators of masterpieces. Kids are trained on such classes: “Acting Skills”, “Stage Speech”, “TV presenter is in the Frame,” “Psych training”, “ART-creation”, “The Art of Singing”, “Animation”, “The History of Television, Radio, Film and Animation”. Each course carries a certain substantial burden in preparing the child to the airwaves, so the classes are held comprehensively.
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The child, who attends Veselka TV classes, is significantly different from his same age friends because he has no complexes, he is bold and confident. In the future he will be like and soul of the party, sociable and pleasant person in dialogue, who has a large vocabulary, will able to clearly and correctly express his thoughts and he is not afraid of public speaking. Agree that this is an integral part of a successful person.

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The main aim of our courses is to prepare the child for filming in TV programs of Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV”, as well as the development of creative abilities and personality in general.

Classes are held in the form of a game because the game is of paramount importance for the development of the child. Learning to act in different game situations by the guidance of a professional teacher, boys and girls learn important skills to manage their emotional state, body and speech, learn to interact with partners and the public.



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