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VESELKA TV is broadcasted by UA: PERSHIY

VESELKA TV is broadcasted by UA: PERSHIY

Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” has created the first in the history of Ukrainian TV kid’s TV show about vyshyvanka.

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The broadcasting of the program “Vyshyvanka: the Code of Life” was on TV channel UA: PERSHIY (PERSHIY NATSIONALNYIY) on the World Day of vyshyvanka, which is celebrated by the Ukrainians around the world every year on the third Thursday of May. This year the anniversary of the international festival of ethnic Ukrainian embroidered clothes is celebrated. It’s the 10th anniversary of its foundation!

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The filming took place at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, known as “The Open-air Museum “Pirogovo”.

What do we know about vyshyvanka? From ancient times to the present, the secrets of the masters, the age-old traditions, the memory of generations, the original clothing, the ancient message, the energy of the elements, the unity of the nation, the bewitching force, the guardian of the family, patterns and signs – about all this and not only watch right now in this program.


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