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May Day celebrations in Kharkiv with Veselka TV

May Day celebrations in Kharkiv with Veselka TV

Young TV presenters of Public Kids Internet TV and Radio have visited the largest city in the north-east of the country, the first capital of Ukraine – Kharkiv.

kharkiv_01 kharkiv_02

As a part of the project “Travel with Veselka TV” our kids have created two TV shows: the first is “The Weekend in One City” which tells about the administrative center of the Kharkiv region and the second is “Veselka” which is dedicated to the history of amusement.

kharkiv_03 kharkiv_04

During the trip kids explored the sights of  Kharkiv and learnt interesting facts about the history of the city. TV show about amusements was filmed in the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorkiy, where the largest in Ukraine Ferris wheel with a diameter of 55 meters is located and there are many different swings and carousels, from roller coasters to the exciting “vortices”.

kharkiv_05 kharkiv_06

Young TV journalists visited their old and good friends from the School of Film and TV “Dytyatko” and talked to the students of the Filmmakers School “New Frame”. Of course, kids were not left without a bright entertainment: they played bowling, visited a water park “Jungle” and dashed off on the rides in Gorkiy Park…

The popular TV shows from Veselka TV will appear on the official resources of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” very soon. Stay with Veselka TV! You never get bored with us!


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