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Veselka TV and the stars

Veselka TV and the stars

«If the stars are lit it means there’s someone who needs it.
So it is necessary that every night at least one star
lights up above the rooftops!»
The outstanding poet Vladimir Mayakovskiy said at one time.

However, a century later, an expression that has become winged, has not lost its profound meaning. And if we talk about the guys that are engaged in the Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” these words can be applied to them. After all, every student is a unique and talented starlet, shining in the television firmament. They are bright, beautiful and cheerful, always ready to strike and win. There are festivals, creative competitions or just hard work to create another program of Veselka TV. Of course, it would be incomplete success of our young talents, if it were not fruitful cooperation and friendly support of the stars of the big screen and stage.

For 10 years our students have taken part in various master classes, press conferences, informal meetings with popular representatives of show business.   The members of the studio had the opportunity to dance with the Kuzma Skryabin. For boys and girls it was organized photo and autograph session. Kuzma added a signature to their funny little faces and deeply amused all the children. He was truly a remarkable man, a talented musician and a true professional, who is really inspired everybody whom him personally knew. Andrey Kuzmenko will forever remain in our hearts!



The members of our studio met with a band “Para Normalnykh” and Anna Mukhina who was a participant of the Second Ukrainian Star Factory. The journalist, TV presenter and the head of the TV channel “First Capital” Konstantin Kevorkyan, as well as the journalist and TV presenter Andrey Kulikov (“Freedom of speech”, ICTV) held their master classes for children. The Moscow journalist David Shneyderov revealed the secrets of radio journalism that the studio members can use in practice today. The creative meetings with the director, TV presenter and composer of the animated series “Smeshariki” Marina Landa, whose songs “The thread” and “Round Planet” children are ready to sing without stopping, has become traditional for Veselka TV.



The boys had the opportunity to meet and talk with the program director and the producer of the Vienna International festival of children’s films Martina Lassacher and the composer Boris Sevastyanov who wrote the music to the Ukrainian, Russian, German films, including the feature film “The Lunch Box”, which won the “Oscar”.



Our students had the opportunity to ask questions to Dima Kolyadenko, Vladimir Goryanskiy, Pavel Bessonov and Alyona Vinnitskaya at the press conferences of TV children’s festivals. The children were awarded by the star signings and exclusive photo shoots for their activity and originality. During the meeting the guys, like true representatives of the tabloids, could learn the secrets of the personal life of the participant of Eurovision song contest Mika Newton. Our students prepared snacks and showed the magic of soap bubbles on a large master class with Dasha Malakhova.



The children were impressed by the meeting with TV presenter of TV channel “Inter” Zhanna Badoyeva, who told the children her creative plans for the future. The Belarusian filmmaker Natalya Galuzo invited our young talents to star in her new film “Timur and the team”. Perhaps this is their small step in a great movie that we soon will be proud of …



The Kids’ studio of  anchormen “Veselka TV” boasts of its long-standing friendship with the producer, director and writer of the television series “Matchmakers” Andrey Yakovlev, who holds master classes for our students with great pleasure every time. So that being said, we have something to talk and have someone to learn.


Veselka’s star trek continues …



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