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The Audiobook is an Exclusive Project

The Audiobook is an Exclusive Project

The year 2011 was special in the history of Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV”.

he studio members created an audiobook. This is the unique project of young reciters. They chose the literary works (stories, short stories, funny and instructive stories) that are interesting and close to them. Young reciters plunged to a new thing for them with full dedication, as they knew that the audiobook was  created for children with special needs of various categories (children with vision problems, with diagnoses of dyslexia, cerebral palsy, cancer).The first issue consisted of 500 copies and immediately was at its appreciative “readers-listeners”. And then Veselka TV was bombarded with questions: “Will there be a sequel?”, “When will be the second release?”.


eselka TV has started working with renewed energy! The presentation of the second issue “Listen and Read Along” will be held soon. Let us open some details. 53 literary works, read by children aged from 6 to 15 years, are sound in this release. It is noteworthy that illustrations for the first and the second releases are made by Anna Yashina. Her illustrations were recognized as the best by our students.
The second issue will be released with edition of 1500 copies. The great friends of Veselka TV Copyright Art Festival “Rainbow Cat” and the action “Zhuvilend is looking for talents!” helped it to appear.


The Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” is already preparing a new original project. We plan to please our readers, listeners with real audio performance! We hope that it will be very interesting and useful!

We’ll “Listen and read along”!

“Listen and Read Along”. Issue 2

“The Smart Dog Sonya” (Andrey Usachev)
Mariya Likhonosova reads, 11 years old

“Scarecrow is on the Nose” (Kseniya Dragunskaya)
Sofiya Zaturskaya reads, 6 years old


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