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Star Master Classes

We’re looking forward to meeting with the stars of TV and movies!

Andrey Yakovlev

Андрей Яковлев

The producer  of  “Studio Kvartal 95”. The director and the head of the screenplay group of  TV series “The Matchmakers”. The  Screenwriter of TV series “The Nanny”, “The Soldiers”, “Theatrical stories”, “Lyuba, children and the plant …”, “Who’s the Boss?”. The head of authors of the films “Love In a Big City”, “Rzhevskiy against Napoleon”.

Андрей Яковлев

The producer of  the film “The Office Romance. Modern   time”. The editor of the First League of the International Union of  KVN, the captain and author of  KVN “Voroshilov’s  shooters”. The screenwriter of  TV programs “Saturday Night”, “Amba TV”.

Yevgeniy Koshevoy

Евгений Кошевой

The actor of  “Studio Kvartal 95”, showman, TV presenter. He starred in films “Love In a Big City” (parts 2 and 3), “Office Romance. Modern time”, “Rzhevskiy against Napoleon”, “8 First Dates”, “One More Karlson!”.

Евгений Кошевой

He took part in the filming of the Christmas musicals “How Cossacks …”, “1 + 1 at home”.  The presenter of  TV programs “Vecherniy Kvartal”, “Made in Ukraine”, “Ukraine, get up!”, “Laugh, comic”. The Participant of the TV projects “Dancing with the Stars”, “What? Where? When?”. The  KVN actor of  “Va-Bank”, “Voroshilov’s  shooters”, “Kvartal 95”.

Yuriy Gorbunov

Юрий Горбунов

The TV presenter of  “1 + 1” channel, showman, actor.  The numerous winner of  “Teletriumph” award.  The permanent all seasons presenter of  the popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. TV presenter of  the program “Wakey!”,  the TV shows “Ready for anything”, “Now you’re in the army”, “One for all” (“Novyi” channel).

Юрий Горбунов

The presenter of  the program “Question for champions” (STB channel). The presenter of the shows “Taste”, “Star + Star”, “Superstar”, “GPU”, “Beauty in Ukrainian”, “I love Ukraine”, “Just a show” (channel “1 + 1”).

Vyacheslav Yefremov

Вячеслав Ефремов

The finalist of the third season of the most popular vocal talent show in Ukraine “X Factor”, the former lead singer of the  band “D-versiya”, the  member of the creative project “You’re not the Panda”  and the band «RIZUPS».

Вячеслав Ефремов

Young  composer, musician.


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