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Radio Announcers

“He who owns the information, owns the world” –  the expression  which is known to everyone.  The radio announcer learns first about the most important news and events in the world!


he term “announcer” is derived from the Latin “dictore” means “frequently to speak, to repeat”. A profession of the announcer started its development in the early twentieth century, when radio was the most progressive way of getting information. An interesting fact remains that for a long time they could not come up a name for a new profession: “reader”, “speaker”, “informant”, “editor”, “siren”, “organizer”, “speech scientist”, “presenter” and “broadcaster”. The word “announcer” was fixed later.


e will teach your child to speak correctly and nicely. Young speakers will be able to interact personally with celebrities on the radio air and ask all their questions. Your child can become a creator of  a thematic radio program and an audiobook. The famous radio announcer Yuriy Levitan said:  “Announcer’s premiere is every day!..”

Do not miss your kid’s premiere as a radio announcer of

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“Scarecrow on the nose” (Kseniya Dragunskaya)
Sofiya Zaturskaya reads, 6 years old

“Ghost Flour Paste” (Nataliya Hatkina)
Grigoriy Turshukov reads, 9 years old