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About master classes “Three in One”

Bilbord na master klasi


invites children from 5 to 17

to take part in the master classes of the Kids’ studio of  anchormen “Veselka TV”

The program of the event “Integrated master classes “Three in One”

I. Getting acquaintance with the work of the Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” and with the secrets of the Internet TV and Radio (15 minutes)

II. Master class “Acting skills” (45 minutes):

  • practical sessions on the plastic and facial expressions, personal expression and acting;
  • exclusive exercises for settings tage speech and work in the frame;
  • etudes preparation and writing stand-ups for individual videos.

III. Master class “ART” (45 minutes):

  • making of products in a variety of original decoration techniques (encaustic, kimekomi, decoupage, etc.);
  • non-standard techniques of using traditional materials (plaster bandages, kebab sticks, disposable tableware, pasta, etc.);
  • creative technologies in making their own handmade masterpieces.

IV. Master class “Animation” (45 minutes):

  • creation of the cartoon character on the basis of innovative technologies of our time;
  • the secrets of animation: children can try yourself in the role of writer, director, painter, decorator, editor and operator;
  • making their own cartoon.

V. Conclusions and getting the “Veselka masterpiece”, collective cartoon and movie, made by the participants of the event.

The quantitative characteristics of the master classes “Three in One”:

  • visits to three simultaneous master classes: “Acting skills”, “ART” and “Animation”;
  • total duration is 2 hrs. 30 min.;
  • group of children from 20 to 45 people;
  • “stand-ups” subjects (recording individual videos) is determined by the customer: Knowledge Day, Teacher’s Day, Family Circle, Birthday Party, New Year’s Day and Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Shevchenko holidays, Easter, graduation from elementary school , prom, any classroom activities and projects for the study of English and national-patriotic education, etc .;
  • date and time of the master classes are defined by the customer.

Integrated creative master classes “Three in One” from the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” have to be tasted to every schoolchild.

Children will discover a new form of original and meaningful leisure time outside of school time, and the class teachers will be able to diversify the educational work with students outside of school.

For more information call: (050) 437-20-00, (068) 287-75-57.

Please send your applications to participate in the best project of modernity!


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