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Програма “Веселка”. Як з’явилося дзеркало…

Weekend in one city. Veselka TV is in Kharkiv

Веселкова ігротека. Гра “Без хвоста”

Веселка TV: “12 телевізійний сезон відкрито!”

Веселкова ігротека. Гра “Хустка”

Програма “Веселка”. Історія боулінгу

Веселкова ігротека. Гра “Чай-чай, виручай!”

Програма “Місцеве самоврядування – це ми!”

Веселкова ігротека. Гра “Моє місце”

Weekend in one city. Veselka TV is in Odesa. P.2.

Веселкова ігротека. Гра “Бос, дай роботу!”

Залізне літо 2016. Веселка TV на морі

Chat show “Young & STAR”. Olesia Zhurakovska

Веселкова ігротека. Гра “Капкан”

“Veselka”. Vyshyvanka: the code of life

Game Library. “Big Dragon” Game

Chat show “Young & STAR». Oleksandr Leshchenko

Game Library. “Help Each Other” Game

“Veselka”. All about the Stationery

“Veselka”. The History of the Lamp

Game Library. “Rubber Band” Game

Chat show “Young & STAR». Serhiy Sereda

“Veselka”. Hats, mittens, scarves

Games Library. The Game “One is extra”

“Veselka”. How the book was developed

Games Library. The Game “Wave”

Weekend in one city. Veselka TV is in Ternopil

Games Library. Snowball Game

Chat show “Young & STAR”. Anna Koshmal

“Veselka”. All about pizza

“Veselka”. All about the utensils

Weekend in one city. Veselka TV is in Lviv

Games Library. The game “Cat and Mouse”

Weekend in one city. Veselka TV is in Odesa

“Veselka”. Footwear season

Games Library. The game “Sparrows and Rowan”

“Veselka”. All about the jeans

“Veselka”. All about the balls

“I want to tell you…” What is the wedding?

Games Library. Game “Left – Right” (“Pizza – Pasta”)

Teacher’s Day. Part 4

Teacher’s Day. Part 3

Teacher’s Day. Part 2

Teacher’s Day. Part 1

Games Library. The game “The coin”

The program “The rules of safety – the rules of life”

Veselka TV is on Kyiv channel. Ranok po-kyivsky

Games Library. The game “The nimble Hate”

The program “Ukrainian anthem – ode to statehood”

Summer TV holidays by Veselka TV

Games Library. The game “Make haste slowly”

Games Library. The game “Hot potato”

My Ukraine. Vitalka. Andryushka Dovgoshiya

“Veselka”. About carpets

Trailer  “Veselka TV in the Carpathians”

Games Library. The game “Confusion”

“Veselka”. About guitars

Games Library. The game “Hunters and deer”

Ukrainian charitable action “Heart to heart”

Games Library. Game “Above feet off the ground”

“Veselka”. About furniture

The report “Race of unity, courage and glory”

“Veselka”. Soap bubbles

“I want to tell you…” Why do people get married?

“Veselka”. Glasses and optics

Games Library. The game “Boss”

Kyiv senior pupils’ message to Nadezhda Savchenko

International Day of Women’s Solidarity and Peace

“Veselka”.  About bags

Games Library. The Game “Aram-shim-shim”

“Veselka”. The history of toys

Kyiv Student leaders on the set of video poetry

Video poetry. Maksim Rylskiy “Mova”

“I want to tell you … ” About youth and old age

“Veselka”. About cinematograph

“Dreamland”. Friendship

Games Library. The game “Dragon”

“I want to tell you …” Children speak about love

Chat show “MLAD & STAR”. Daniil Ruvinskiy

“Dreamland”. Vovochka’s action

“Veselka”. Traffic rules are rules of life

Games Library. The game “Cats, birds, worms …”

“Dreamland”. Girlfriend

Quiz “Native Ukraine”. Lyubomir Romankiv

“Dreamland”. A poem

Games Library. The game “Bell”

Quiz “Native Ukraine”.  Instytutka

“Dreamland”. Tips

The International Film Festival “Molodist”

“Dreamland”. Choosing dresses

Quiz “Native Ukraine”. Kolomiytsy

“Veselka”. From the history of skates

The International Film Festival “Pokrov”

Air quest. State Museum of Aviation


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