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Дина Ибрагимова

We welcome everyone who wants to join a large and happy family of young TV presenters of Kids studio of anchormen “Veselka TV”, as well as those who want to learn more about us!

Kids’ studio “Veselka TV” is a very unusual and extraordinary union of children and adults. It’s always fun here, sometimes difficult, but it’s never dull! Children come into the studio not only to take possession of the skills of the TV presenter and radio announcer, but also to have a rest from school, to get positive charge of emotions and knowledge. Various master classes and training sessions are held for the children here. The members of the studio are involved in the festivals of children’s screen art, star in films and create TV programs. And, of course, our students discover the wonderful world of television every day.

Every year Veselka TV grows and develops. This is a great merit of the studio teachers who are masters of their work. But the main heroes of the studio are its members. They are real stars of  broadcasting. We hope you will do (or have done) the right choice for your child by becoming a participant of Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” of  Public Kids Internet TV and Radio.


Best regards


Dina Ibrahimova
General Manager of  Public Kids
Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV”

The year 2011 was special in the history of Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV”.

he studio members created an audiobook. This is the unique project of young reciters. They chose the literary works (stories, short stories, funny and instructive stories) that are interesting and close to them. Young reciters plunged to a new thing for them with full dedication, as they knew that the audiobook was  created for children with special needs of various categories (children with vision problems, with diagnoses of dyslexia, cerebral palsy, cancer).The first issue consisted of 500 copies and immediately was at its appreciative “readers-listeners”. And then Veselka TV was bombarded with questions: “Will there be a sequel?”, “When will be the second release?”.


eselka TV has started working with renewed energy! The presentation of the second issue “Listen and Read Along” will be held soon. Let us open some details. 53 literary works, read by children aged from 6 to 15 years, are sound in this release. It is noteworthy that illustrations for the first and the second releases are made by Anna Yashina. Her illustrations were recognized as the best by our students.
The second issue will be released with edition of 1500 copies. The great friends of Veselka TV Copyright Art Festival “Rainbow Cat” and the action “Zhuvilend is looking for talents!” helped it to appear.


The Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” is already preparing a new original project. We plan to please our readers, listeners with real audio performance! We hope that it will be very interesting and useful!

We’ll “Listen and read along”!

“Listen and Read Along”. Issue 2

“The Smart Dog Sonya” (Andrey Usachev)
Mariya Likhonosova reads, 11 years old

“Scarecrow is on the Nose” (Kseniya Dragunskaya)
Sofiya Zaturskaya reads, 6 years old

Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “VESELKA TV” is an innovative project of modernity which aims to create high-quality kids national TV product in conditions of Ukraine’s integration in the direction of the European Community by means of the media space.

Изображение 052

One of the main activities of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” is broadcasting of audiovisual works: TV shows, radio programs, films (feature films, documentaries, feature-length, short, animated etc.), TV series, newsreels, reports, social video clips, photos created by kid’s film, animation, television and radio studios.

003 аа

The tasks of the Public Kid’s Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” are popularization of the activities of Ukrainian kid’s cinematography, television, radio and animation studios, realization of kid’s creative potential and the creation of conditions for their harmonious development, search and support of talents, development of national traditions, education of socially active person.

007 ваня  006 аа

The slogan of the project is “Kids for kids” because the members of TV programs are only children of different ages and the final product is also aimed at children viewers both in Ukraine and abroad.

There are more than 3.6 million views on the official channel of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” on YouTube. Every day, this figure is growing, reflecting the popularity of the project among the spectators, who are users of the Internet.


The subjects, genres and content of TV shows are various: educational, entertainment, sightseeing etc. Currently the number is 500.
Project features: it unites creative kid’s TV studios from all over Ukraine. All audiovisual products, selected by the editorship of public kid’s Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” are broadcasted on the a specialized platform of Internet broadcasting ONLINE TV 24 hours a day every day in accordance with the airtime. The project is carried out exclusively in particular information content in compliance with copyright.


Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” focuses on social and charitable projects.

Join Public Kids Internet Television and Radio “Veselka TV”
and become full partners in the innovative project of modernity!

Please send your application and offer!!!

10 years ago Veselka TV appeared on the TV horizon of our country. Over the years it was created more than 400 programs from which young viewers learned a lot of new and interesting things. Veselka TV, as well as any small child, started with drawing lessons. It liked to play, to do something with its hands. When it grew up, it became a cognitive – entertainment program about everything: each issue is a new theme, a new story from different areas of knowledge and aspects of life. The program still amazes everyone by the incredible fantasies: it molds, cuts, decorates.


or the past 5 years “Veselkova Maisterniya” is one of the most popular children’s projects (a record – more than 3,000,000 hits on video sharing YouTube). In the future, there is an idea, not only to wake up but to fall asleep with Veselka TV, watching an evening tale. By the way, the project is already in development!

For little and the curious children Veselka TV  has another project: “A small country is in my pocket” where kids get the answers to a thousand “Whys”. They get acquainted with the world and even watch the real experiments in the TV lab. A funny cartoon is in the finale to the great delight of the kids. There is an idea! The author’s cartoons of Kids’ animation studio will soon on the Public Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV”!

Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” can be proud of its ten – year history:

    • 2007 – XI All – Ukrainian festival of TV programs for children “Golden Chicken” (Feodosiya) – prize winners;
    • 2008 – Festival of children’s screen art “Express Yourself!”” (Yevpatoriya) – diploma winners; V Festival of producers of children’s programs and young journalists “Let’s Stay Together” (Dnepropetrovsk) – the Grand Prix;
    • 2009 – International festival of programs for children and youth (Dnepropetrovsk) – the Grand Prix;
    • 2010 – XIII All – Ukrainian festival of TV programs for children (Feodosiya) – the victory in the category “The best educational program”; VII Festival of producers of children’s programs and young journalists “Let’s Stay Together” (Dnepropetrovsk) – a victory in the category “The best informative and educational program”;

    • 2011 – VIII Festival of producers of children’s programs and young journalists “Let’s Stay Together” (Dnepropetrovsk) – the victory in the category “The best educational program”; The International Festival “Dytyatko” (Kharkov) – the victory in the category “The best program according to the children’s jury”; The Festival “Master Gascoigne” (Luhansk) – “The Best Director”; The Film Festival “Golden Charlie” (Simferopol) – the victory in the category “The Best Actress”;

  • 2012 – IV International Festival “Dytyatko” (Kharkov) – the victory in the category “The best program of children’s studio”;

  • 2013 – X Festival of producers of children’s programs and young journalists “Let’s Stay Together” (Dnepropetrovsk) – the winners in the categories “The best journalistic couple”, “The best festival newspaper”, “The best head of the delegation”,  “The Best Journalist”, “The best informative and educational program”. We’ve become the triple winner of Grand Prix. We’re the only ones in the history of the festival;
  • 2015 – XXIV International Children’s, Youth Festival of Audiovisual Arts “Crystal Sources” (Kyiv) – the victory in the category “The Best Directing of the Children’s TV Program”; VII International Children’s TV Festival “Dytyatko” (Kharkov) – the victory in the category “The Best TV Presenter”.

The Kids’ Studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” has a wide geography of the places visited by the members: Kyiv, Yevpatoriya, Dnepropetrovsk, Moscow, Kharkov, Yalta, Feodosiya, Luhansk, Lviv, Odessa, Ternopil, Iron Port, Carpathians, reached even Bulgaria.


he students of  Veselka TV had an opportunity to participate in the filming of the Belarusian film director Nataliyа Galuzo “Timur and the team”. It is an undoubted success of the studio. It’s the participation in the creation of full – length movies, the work in the frame with professional actors, with the master of cinematography Tatyana Loginova.

In 2011 the audio project “Listen and read along” was created for the children with eyesight problems. The second audio book has already released and it will be presented in October.  The third issue is coming soon.  It will be the audio show, made by the students of “Veselka TV”.

Kids’ Studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” is waiting for the new generation of girls and boys who want to plunge into the world of radio and television!

See you in the air!

«If the stars are lit it means there’s someone who needs it.
So it is necessary that every night at least one star
lights up above the rooftops!»
The outstanding poet Vladimir Mayakovskiy said at one time.

However, a century later, an expression that has become winged, has not lost its profound meaning. And if we talk about the guys that are engaged in the Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV” these words can be applied to them. After all, every student is a unique and talented starlet, shining in the television firmament. They are bright, beautiful and cheerful, always ready to strike and win. There are festivals, creative competitions or just hard work to create another program of Veselka TV. Of course, it would be incomplete success of our young talents, if it were not fruitful cooperation and friendly support of the stars of the big screen and stage.

For 10 years our students have taken part in various master classes, press conferences, informal meetings with popular representatives of show business.   The members of the studio had the opportunity to dance with the Kuzma Skryabin. For boys and girls it was organized photo and autograph session. Kuzma added a signature to their funny little faces and deeply amused all the children. He was truly a remarkable man, a talented musician and a true professional, who is really inspired everybody whom him personally knew. Andrey Kuzmenko will forever remain in our hearts!



The members of our studio met with a band “Para Normalnykh” and Anna Mukhina who was a participant of the Second Ukrainian Star Factory. The journalist, TV presenter and the head of the TV channel “First Capital” Konstantin Kevorkyan, as well as the journalist and TV presenter Andrey Kulikov (“Freedom of speech”, ICTV) held their master classes for children. The Moscow journalist David Shneyderov revealed the secrets of radio journalism that the studio members can use in practice today. The creative meetings with the director, TV presenter and composer of the animated series “Smeshariki” Marina Landa, whose songs “The thread” and “Round Planet” children are ready to sing without stopping, has become traditional for Veselka TV.



The boys had the opportunity to meet and talk with the program director and the producer of the Vienna International festival of children’s films Martina Lassacher and the composer Boris Sevastyanov who wrote the music to the Ukrainian, Russian, German films, including the feature film “The Lunch Box”, which won the “Oscar”.



Our students had the opportunity to ask questions to Dima Kolyadenko, Vladimir Goryanskiy, Pavel Bessonov and Alyona Vinnitskaya at the press conferences of TV children’s festivals. The children were awarded by the star signings and exclusive photo shoots for their activity and originality. During the meeting the guys, like true representatives of the tabloids, could learn the secrets of the personal life of the participant of Eurovision song contest Mika Newton. Our students prepared snacks and showed the magic of soap bubbles on a large master class with Dasha Malakhova.



The children were impressed by the meeting with TV presenter of TV channel “Inter” Zhanna Badoyeva, who told the children her creative plans for the future. The Belarusian filmmaker Natalya Galuzo invited our young talents to star in her new film “Timur and the team”. Perhaps this is their small step in a great movie that we soon will be proud of …



The Kids’ studio of  anchormen “Veselka TV” boasts of its long-standing friendship with the producer, director and writer of the television series “Matchmakers” Andrey Yakovlev, who holds master classes for our students with great pleasure every time. So that being said, we have something to talk and have someone to learn.


Veselka’s star trek continues …


We have been shooting entertainment chat show “Young & STAR” at the first weekend of February. This time the guest of the program was the frontman of “The League of Laughter” team “Odeski Mansy”, the actor of TV projects “Krayina U” and “Kazky U”, the TV presenter of Music Box channel, the expert of “What? Where? When?” club, the showman Sergiy Sereda.

01 02

The creative meeting with the star assumed a traditional format, in which young TV presenters of Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” could get acquainted better with the guest of our TV project.

03 04

Sergiy had to answer a number of questions of small pen sharks in three rounds. The first was dedicated to Sergiy’s life before large TV ethers, in the second he answered questions related to the participation in the TV projects of  Studiya Kvartal 95 and shared the secrets of the TV presenter. The third round was a quiz, in which our guest had to answer “yes” or “no” only.

05 06

At the end of the program Sergiy Sereda determined the best journalist of chat show “Young & STAR» and presented a souvenir. The best, according to Sergiy, was 6-year-old Oksana Kolesnik. She asked our hero, if he had a cheeky wife, and thus she conquered the star guest. All participants of the chat show got photos with the wishes and showman’s autographs.

07 08

The staff of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” thanks
to Sergiy Sereda for participating in the filming of the program.

TV project of Public Kids Internet TV and Radio «Weekend in one city. Veselka TV is in Ternopil» continues its triumphant march not only through the Internet resources, but also on the air of the regional TV channels.

“Veselka’s program will be broadcasted during a week on Channel INTB”, – it’s said in the message of the editorial office of Ternopil TV program “Televitaminki”.

Note that the young TV presenters of Kids’ studio “Veselka TV” during the filming of the TV program visited different memorable places, telling about the history and origin of Ternopil. What came out of it, see for yourself!

See you on the air!

Acceptance of applications for participation in the screenwriting pitching for Ukrainian kid’s studios (authors of school age) or co-production with them has started.


Screenwriting pitching is a part of the International Kid’s TV Festival “Dytyatko”. It was founded in 2014 and it is a unique opportunity for kid’s studios to present their ideas and find partners and possibly funds for the implementation of one of their future projects.

Acceptance of applications is carried out free of charge until 30 June 2016.

Competition will be held in two categories:  1) the film – scripts of feature films, animated films and documentaries; 2) TV show – television scripts, aimed at children and youth audience. Protection of selected projects will take place during the VIII International Kid’s TV festival “Dytyatko”.

Online application, additional information and the procedure for screenwriting pitching can be found at: http://fest.dytiatko.org.ua .

Recall that Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” is a media partner of the International Kid’s TV Festival “Dytyatko”.

The young TV presenter of Kid’s studio “Veselka TV” Ivan Tamashev has become a member of the most popular cooking show of the country “MasterChef. Children”. The first issue of the national TV project will be held today, February 3, at 20.00 on the STB channel.

Tamashev 1

Specifically for the filming the judges Tatyana Litvinova, Hector Jimenez-Bravo and Nikolay Tishchenko will transform into pirates students and beyond. They will show a lot of images. Little chefs will prove their love for cooking and show leadership qualities and the ability to work in a team. According to the organizers, the kid’s version of the show will be no less emotional and interesting, because despite their age, young chefs can surprise!

Tamashev 2

“Participation in the project “MasterChef. Children “- my son has already had such experience. What came out of it, see for yourself! Thank to our beloved Veselka TV for the opportunity to try”, Vanya’s mother shared her impressions.

The most important features: “MasterChef. Children” is a project that has no analogues in Ukraine. Its participants are children aged from 8 to 12. They will reveal their cooking skills and prove that they love cooking and know how to cook. The winner will receive the title of The First MasterChef of Ukraine in the kid’s category, as well as a cash prize.

So, dear friends, cheer for ours! Do not miss the season premiere!

Young  TV presenters of  Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” visited one of the main centers of the historical region of Galichina. It’s the city of Ternopil,
which has recently celebrated its 475 anniversary.

  01 02

It is believed that this city can’t be forgotten. Our journalists decided to see this. The trip, as always, was full of interesting and informative excursion program. Boys and girls got acquainted with the architecture of the city, touched its long history and visited the sights of Ternopil.

03 04

Also the young TV presenters visited their good friends from kid’s animation studio “Ruda Mysha”, which warmly welcomed Veselka TV within its walls. In addition, our children visited in the main theater of the city to watch New Year’s show, and then they talked to Santa Claus behind the scenes. Whew! And that’s not all, my friends! In the evenings our journalists visited such entertainments as bowling tournament, ice skating, winter fun and Aqua Park.

05 06

While staying in Ternopol, the studio members were working on the program
«Weekend in one city”, which will soon appear on the official resource of Veselka TV.
See you on the air!


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