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About the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “VESELKA TV”

About the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “VESELKA TV”

Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “VESELKA TV” is an innovative project of modernity which aims to create high-quality kids national TV product in conditions of Ukraine’s integration in the direction of the European Community by means of the media space.

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One of the main activities of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” is broadcasting of audiovisual works: TV shows, radio programs, films (feature films, documentaries, feature-length, short, animated etc.), TV series, newsreels, reports, social video clips, photos created by kid’s film, animation, television and radio studios.

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The tasks of the Public Kid’s Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” are popularization of the activities of Ukrainian kid’s cinematography, television, radio and animation studios, realization of kid’s creative potential and the creation of conditions for their harmonious development, search and support of talents, development of national traditions, education of socially active person.

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The slogan of the project is “Kids for kids” because the members of TV programs are only children of different ages and the final product is also aimed at children viewers both in Ukraine and abroad.

There are more than 3.6 million views on the official channel of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” on YouTube. Every day, this figure is growing, reflecting the popularity of the project among the spectators, who are users of the Internet.


The subjects, genres and content of TV shows are various: educational, entertainment, sightseeing etc. Currently the number is 500.
Project features: it unites creative kid’s TV studios from all over Ukraine. All audiovisual products, selected by the editorship of public kid’s Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” are broadcasted on the a specialized platform of Internet broadcasting ONLINE TV 24 hours a day every day in accordance with the airtime. The project is carried out exclusively in particular information content in compliance with copyright.


Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka TV” focuses on social and charitable projects.

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