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We welcome everyone who wants to join a large and happy family of young TV presenters of Kids studio of anchormen “Veselka TV”, as well as those who want to learn more about us! Kids’ studio “Veselka TV” is a very unusual and extraordinary union of children and adults. It’s always fun here, sometimes difficult,

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The Audiobook is an Exclusive Project

The year 2011 was special in the history of Kids’ studio of anchormen “Veselka TV”. he studio members created an audiobook. This is the unique project of young reciters. They chose the literary works (stories, short stories, funny and instructive stories) that are interesting and close to them. Young reciters plunged to a new thing

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About the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “VESELKA TV”

Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “VESELKA TV” is an innovative project of modernity which aims to create high-quality kids national TV product in conditions of Ukraine’s integration in the direction of the European Community by means of the media space. One of the main activities of the Public Kids Internet TV and Radio “Veselka

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Veselka TV: Achievements and Victories

10 years ago Veselka TV appeared on the TV horizon of our country. Over the years it was created more than 400 programs from which young viewers learned a lot of new and interesting things. Veselka TV, as well as any small child, started with drawing lessons. It liked to play, to do something with

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Veselka TV and the stars

«If the stars are lit it means there’s someone who needs it. So it is necessary that every night at least one star lights up above the rooftops!» The outstanding poet Vladimir Mayakovskiy said at one time. However, a century later, an expression that has become winged, has not lost its profound meaning. And if

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